“Angels, catch Ohtani if ​​you can… However, “it is 600 million dollars, and the reporter in charge of LAA also asked for a ‘big deal’

 “If they have a chance to renew the contract, they should catch Ohtani. But if… “

The major league trade deadline is one week away. What should the LA Angels do now? We are receiving pouring trade inquiries, but the owner of Arte Moreno is not moving. All kinds of rumors are circulating locally, but in the end, the prevailing view is that the Angels will not trade Shohei Ohtani (29).

There is an analysis that it is impossible to give up business effects such as broadcast rights fees, sponsorships, and marketing while keeping Ohtani to the end and increasing the probability of advancing to the postseason as much as possible. There is an explanation that the home run king and MVP are certain, but if such a player is traded, it will hurt the Angels’ pride in itself.

Then, what does MLB.com Angels reporter Rhett Bollinger think? On the 24th (Korean time), MLB.com collected and posted columns from reporters in charge of 30 clubs on the attitude each club should take on the trade deadline.

The Angels are still competing,” Bollinger said. But it’s in an incredibly difficult position. Ohtani will be a free agent, and if the Angels decide to trade him, he’ll bolster young talent in return. The Angels need to sense openness if they want to re-sign Ohtani.”

Basically, Bollinger advised that the Angels should be aware of information about Ohtani and deal with it. And then he spoke realistically. “If the Angels have a chance to re-sign Ohtani, they should. But if you see the possibility of signing with another team, it might make sense to trade and get a few top prospects instead of draft compensation picks.”메이저놀이터

Most media analyzes say that owner Arte Moreno has no intention of deciding what to do with Ohtani based on the Angels’ performance. But Bollinger said, “It depends on how they play. If the Angels can get an edge, it makes sense to have Ohtani, but if they fall further behind the competition, they should bite the bullet and sell.” It was, in effect, a trade.

The Los Angeles Angels are 51-49 by the 24th, 3rd in the American League West and 6th in the Wild Card Race. They are four games behind the Toronto Blue Jays, third in the wild card. In the end, the three consecutive away matches against Toronto, which will be held from the 29th to the 31st, are expected to be the biggest watershed this season. On the 29th, Ohtani and Ryu Hyun-jin are expected to have a two-to-two, two-to-ta match. Coincidentally, it is Ryu Hyun-jin’s comeback match after returning from Tommy John surgery.

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