Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has been praised as one of the best grooms in England.
An England international, he was named Britain’s best-fitting man by a fashion, lifestyle and politics magazine last year for his ‘sculpted good looks and perfect white teeth’. It means the best groom.

Although Mount seems to be the most popular in England, he seems lonely because he doesn’t have a girlfriend this winter. He says he’s looking for a girlfriend through his dating app.

The British Daily Star reported that ‘Mount is looking for a new love after breaking up with his model girlfriend’. Mount reportedly broke up with his girlfriend, model Chloe Wellians Watts, around last October. They dated model and singer Watts for five years, but decided to go their separate ways last October.

After two months of cold winter, he said he joined 토토 a celebrity dating app to find a new girlfriend. Chelsea teammate Ben Chilwell is also said to be a member of the site.

Mount says his dating app profile includes a recent photo taken at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, and candid photos of his designer wardrobe and impressive collection of trainers.

“Mason is interested in football but is looking for a suitable girlfriend to settle down with,” said a source. .

But even though he’s having a lonely time, Mason says he’s in no hurry to get a girlfriend.

Mount is said to have officially broken up with her girlfriend in her last year. After she broke up with Watts, Mount insisted that “my first priority is football,” and acted as if women weren’t interested.

Mount has not been of great help to the team this season. He is still not in the best condition. The team is struggling to finish fourth in the EPL, but Mount has only scored 3 goals in 23 appearances.

Chelsea, of course, this year are pushing for a long-term contract comparable in size to that of Chelsea academy colleague Rhys James, who is valuing the potential of the 23-year-old, but Mount has not signed.

Chelsea offered James a six-year contract in September of last year, and he did it. He received about 60,000 pounds (about 95 million won) a week before the contract, but it is known that he will receive 250,000 pounds (about 400 million won) after the contract.