Coach Tae-wook Choi, ‘blushing’, “I couldn’t even celebrate properly with coach Bento… ”

Choi Tae-wook (41), the coach of the national soccer team, was in tears after breaking up with coach Paulo Bento (Portugal).

Director Bento left Korea through Incheon International Airport on the night of the 13th. Director Bento heads to Lisbon, Portugal via Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

About 200 soccer fans visited Incheon International Airport for coach Bento, who is leaving Korea after four years. Coach Tae-wook Choi, coach Michael Kim, and employees of the Korea Football Association also saw Bento off.

Before entering his departure hall, Bento shared a warm embrace with the two coaches who assisted him. Coach Choi Tae-wook blushed as if he was regretful about the breakup. Coach Choi was surrounded by fans after Bento left, and kindly responded to the request for a photo shoot and autograph. He then talked to reporters as he exited the airport.

Coach Tae-wook Choi said, “(Tears) was the feeling that it was really going away. It’s a pity that they went to the event in a hurry without congratulating 토토 them on their victory. We only ate one meal. There was no time to gather (celebrate) with family members. The director was very busy,” he regretted.

He continued, “I joined in a state where the director didn’t know us (Choi Tae-wook and Michael Kim). You must have reservations, but for 4 years and 4 months, you took good care of us. They took care of us as well as the Portuguese staff. Even during the interview, he thanked us,” he said.

Bento’s whereabouts have not yet been decided. As much as he has achieved remarkable results in Korea, the possibility of building a managerial career in Europe is not small.

Coach Tae-wook Choi said, “I think you will do well wherever you go. I hope you become the best coach in Europe. I hope that we can compete with the best coaches in Europe so that we can feel proud of being the best.”

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