‘Confrontation between 3rd and 4th place’ Korea Expressway Corporation vs IBK Industrial Bank

Korea Expressway Corporation and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea will face off in the third round. The two teams will start the match at 7:00 pm on the 16th at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium.

The home team Korea Expressway Corporation is 3rd with 7 wins and 6 losses and 22 points, and the away team IBK Industrial Bank is 4th with 6 wins and 7 losses and 18 points. It’s a match between 3rd and 4th.

If the current standings of the two teams continue to the end of the season, the difference in points will matter. A semi-playoff is made only when the score is less than 3 points. If the gap between 3rd and 4th places is 4 points at the time of 13 games, the 4th place team should do their best. We need to close the gap now.

In the leaderboard, Hyundai E&C and 토토사이트 Heungkuk Life Insurance’s two-power system, Korea Expressway Corporation is building a foothold for third place, and IBK Industrial Bank (4th), GS Caltex (5th), and KGC Ginseng Corporation (6th) stand side by side with a difference of 1 point. If the three teams from 4th to 6th place bite each other, the gap with 3rd place may widen further. This is why today’s match is particularly important.

In particular, the two teams faced each other twice this season, with one win and one loss. In the first round match on October 30, IBK Industrial Bank won 3-1, while Korea Expressway Corporation won 3-1 in the second round match on November 17.

how about today There are many points, but the most important part today is the blocking score of the road construction. Jung Dae-young and Yoo-na Bae’s iron wall blocking and Park Jung-ah’s side-blocking are also high. Setter Lee Yoon-jung is also scoring blocking points. Jeon Sae-yan is also a player with good blocking hands.

If IBK Industrial Bank of Korea wants to solve the game easily, it must use the opponent’s blocker or get out of the way with a quick attack. If you look carefully at this part, you will know the result of today’s match.

Korea Expressway Corporation is raising the score, although Katarina is not strong and has a high RBI. However, due to the high frequency of parry attacks, the number of offenses is also increasing. The fact that Park Jung-ah’s form improved a little in the last game is hopeful.

IBK Industrial Bank relies on outside hitters Santana and Pyo Seung-joo for scoring power. Opposite Spiker should be able to rank first or second on the team instead of third in order to look higher.

The game starts at 7pm. It’s a game that will decorate Friday night that marks the start of the weekend. It will be broadcast live through SBS Sports and Naver Sports.

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