Geeky pitcher Cy Young who has made his way to Japan, “If you vote for All-Star, it will be a gift…” SNS promotion

‘Geek’ Trevor Bauer (Yokohama Dena Baystars), who entered the Japanese professional baseball league, is actively promoting to vote for him in the ‘Plus One’ vote so that he can participate in the All-Star game. 

The best lineup of players to participate in the Nippon Professional Baseball All-Star Game was selected by fan voting, and then the players were selected by voting among players and recommendation of the coach. Bauer was not selected in fan voting, player voting, or coach recommendation.

There is one last chance. The last player who can participate in the All-Star Game will be selected by ‘Plus One’ fan vote. Voting for ‘Plus One’ began on the 6th. Bauer asked fans to ‘vote’ in English and Japanese on his SNS on the 6th. 메이저놀이터

Bauer expressed his eagerness to participate in the All-Star game, asking fans, “If you give me 30 seconds every day to vote for me, I’ll release the best 30-minute vlog of the past. 

” Bauer has 5 wins and 2 losses with an ERA of 3.77. He has been recording quality starts in the last 6 games in a row.  

Bauer played in the 2018 All-Star Game while playing in the major leagues. Following the major leagues, he also played in the Japan Professional Baseball All-Star Game. It is interesting to see if it can be done.The 

Nippon Professional Baseball All-Star Game will be held twice at Vantelin Dome in Nagoya on the 19th and at Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium on the 20th.

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