“History made” Salzburg wins 10th league title in a row…stronger without Hwang-Hee Chan-Holland!

We are making history in the Austrian Bundesliga.” Salzburg has won the Austrian Bundesliga title for the 10th consecutive season.

Red Bull Salzburg defeated Sturm Graz 토토사이트 2-1 in the eighth round of the 2022-23 Austrian Bundesliga Championship at the Red Bull Arena in Salzburg, Austria, on April 22. The win secured the title with 45 points in the championship round.

This is the 10th consecutive season they have won the title. “We are making history in the Austrian Bundesliga,” Salzburg said on their official channels, celebrating their 10th consecutive Bundesliga title.

Since winning the title in 2013-14, Salzburg has spent the last 10 seasons at the top of the table, especially in 2019-20 when the trio of Elling Holland, Hwang Hee-chan, and Minamino were dominant, and Salzburg has won 17 titles in total, including this season’s crown.

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