“I want to contribute to the team with my defense,” says Lee Chae as she settles into KB Stars

The Cheongju KB Stars, the earliest of the six teams in the WKBL to begin offseason training, traveled to Taiwan for a training camp from March 22-31 스포츠토토. After a short break, the team resumed training on May 5. The entire roster is together except for Park Ji-soo and Kang Yi-seul, who were called up to the women’s national basketball team, and Kim Min-jung and Lee Yoon-mi, who are rehabbing. Lee Chae-eun, who joined the KB Stars from Bucheon Hana OneQ, is also enjoying her new team.

“I’ve been with the team for over a month now, and I’m adjusting well. I’ve been with Hana OneQ since I was a rookie, so I have a lot of affection for the organization. When I heard the news of the trade, I was sad to be separated from my sisters, but I thought it was a good opportunity and accepted it positively.”

Lee Chae-eun has a connection to KB Stars head coach Kim Wan-soo. She played for Hana WonQ as a coach and player from 2018 to 2021. The trade was also a reflection of Kim Wan-soo’s desire for Lee Chae-eun.

“The coach makes the atmosphere so fun. He took care of me a lot when he was the coach of Hana WonQ. I think I’m a little more comfortable now because we were together before. He told me, ‘Let’s win the competition and do well,'” Lee said.

After making her debut in 2018, Lee has yet to make a big impact in the professional scene. For her to be a regular on the court for KB Stars, she will have to overcome competition from guards such as Heo, Shim Sung-young, Shin Ye-young, and Lee Hye-joo.

“I think it’s a new opportunity, but I have to overcome the competition to play. I have a lot of older sisters on the team who can provide offense, so I’m going to focus more on defense. I’ve been working on my defense since training, so I’ll do my best to contribute to the team.”

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