If you leave your best friend, you will see ‘SS Kim Ha-seong’ again… Bogatz discusses conversion to third base

Ha-seong Kim (27), who was pushed to second base due to Xander Bogatz (30), a “high-priced freshman,” has a chance to return to shortstop. It is a condition that ‘best friend’ Manny Machado (30 years old, San Diego) leaves.

The American media The Athletic said on the 11th (Korean time), “According to officials familiar with the situation in San Diego, the San Diego club has internally discussed the scenario in which Bogatz plays a different infield position. If Machado does not return after opting out after the 2023 season, If not, Bogarts could change positions earlier than expected.”

San Diego signed an 11-year, $280 million (approximately 365.4 billion won) free agent contract with Bogarts on the 8th. Bogatz, 10 years into his debut, is a veteran of two World Series victories as Boston’s starting shortstop. In particular, it is known that he has a high level of pride in his shortstop position.

As a result, Kim Ha-seong was pushed down to the second baseman even though he was recognized for his excellent shortstop defense, including being one of the three finalists for the Gold Glove this year. At the Bogatz Recruitment Press Conference, San Diego general manager AJ Preller nailed it, saying, “Ha-seong Kim will come out more from second base.”

However, it is still too early for him to give up hope. This is because the main third baseman Machado can become a free agent after the 메이저놀이터 2023 season. In 2020, Machado signed a 10-year, $300 million free agent contract with San Diego, which included an opt-out condition after the 2023 season.

San Diego’s intention is to fill the vacancy at third base with Bogatz when Machado leaves. Third basemen need higher offense, so Bogarts, who has won five Silver Sluggers, is a good fit. He is, of course, not a bad defensive player, but he is more of an offensive shortstop who has not yet won a Gold Glove.

If this scenario goes as planned, there is a high possibility of seeing “shortstop” Ha-seong Kim again. San Diego supported Kim Ha-sung’s shortstop position despite the return of the original shortstop, Fernando Tatis Jr. (23). This is because Kim Ha-seong is the player who boasts the most stable defense in the current team.

Dominican Republic Media Records also predicted, “A decision Machado will make soon could result in a positional change that freshman Bogatz doesn’t want. If Machado leaves, Bogatz will have to learn to play third base for the team.”

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