Is Bale the best power man in the world of golf?

Troon Golf President Dana Gamani has been named the most influential person in the global golf industry for the fifth consecutive year along with CEO Tim Schantz.

The American golf industry bimonthly <Golf Inc> announced ’25 Powerful People in Golf’ in its latest issue. Chairman Gamani lost first place only once to former US President Donald Trump in 2017, and has not lost the industry throne once since the 2010s.

Commissioner Jay Monaghan, who leads the PGA Tour, the world’s best tour, also ranked 10th on this year’s list. Even ‘Great White Shark’ Greg Norman, who founded LIV Golf this year and led the money banquet for oil money in the Middle East, was ranked 7th.

Golf player Tiger Woods, who is called the ‘Emperor’, is the unrivaled leader in the media, media and golfer’s interest, but he is also only 11th. Woods’ every move becomes news and a topic, but Woods does not have a big impact on our golf daily life.

The reason Chairman Gamani exerts the greatest influence in the global golf world for decades is because he is the owner of Troon Golf, a huge brand that runs 664 golf courses (based on 18 holes) around the world. If hundreds of golf courses move according to his judgments and decisions and the entire industry responds, it can be said that he has power.

Troon Golf operates golf courses in 34 states in the United States and 28 countries around the world. In Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, you can enjoy various golf benefits as well as golf bookings with the Troon Card.

Golf Inc Internet version

Established Troon Golf in 1990 and created a trend, ‘golf course consignment management’ is expanding and expanding golf courses in various countries, including not only the United States but also Japan’s golf course chain PGM, Accordia Korea’s Golfzon County, and Club D. led the flow.

Troon Golf has been expanding beyond golf for several years to a business that utilizes the golfer community. Following Gamani’s 스포츠토토 philosophy, CEO Schantz Troon Golf acquired Florida’s ICON Management Service in May and started a community service that combines golf with tennis.

In October of last year, it was decided to jointly establish G-Strict, a simulation golf company in the U.S., with Golfzon of Korea. Beyond running a golf course, we are commercializing things that golfers enjoy.

The business of attracting young generations who are interested in various entertainments, not just golf, is a business that not only Troon Golf but also power men in the golf industry are focusing on.

Pillsbury, former vice president of the PGA Tour

David Pillsbury, CEO of Invited, who was ranked as the second most powerful golfer in the world, decided to expand BigShots, which has a shot measuring device in outdoor driving ranges, to more than 40 within five years. Invited is the second-largest chain in the United States, operating 202 golf courses.

Chip Brewer, CEO of Callaway Golf, who was voted third in Power Man, acquired Top Golf, a large driving range brand in the US, and Five Iron Golf, a simulation golf company, last year. As a representative of a golf goods company, he expanded his business to golf apparel brands and now to golf driving ranges.

Campus Sports CEO Steve Skinner and CEO Josh Resnick, the world’s fourth-ranked power man, not only operate a chain of 100 golf courses, but also recently entered into partnerships with simulation companies Top Tracer and Full Swing to expand the field of on-off fields.

Chip Brewer Top Golf, CEO of Callaway Golf

In Korea, Golfzon, a simulation golf company founded in 2000, expanded its business to Golfzon County, a golf course brand, as a result of growing its business. In the end, everyone agrees that catching the MZ generation is games, screen golf, and simulation golf, and leading them to the field is the way to grow the future golf market.

Even Tiger Woods decided to hold the TGL, a simulation golf tournament, every week starting in 2024 in collaboration with business partner Rory McIlroy. The power of the golf world is determined by how many consumers it has willing to spend money on.

The power men who lead the global golf industry are the heads of companies with large golf course chains, such as Campus Sports and Century Golf Partners. And what they pay attention to is the interest of the young generation, the food of the future.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and his son Eric Trump, who own 18 golf courses, have gone down the ranking from 11th last year to 20th this year. It is being investigated by New York prosecutors for allegations of comprehensive fraud that damaged the interests of golf course members.

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