“It’s okay to cut 570 million shares, but please guarantee a 3-year extension instead.”

Manchester United’s living legend goalkeeper David de Gea. It seems that his feelings for Man Utd are sincere. Even at a significant cut to his weekly wage, he wants to sign an extended contract with Manchester United. However, what he wants is a contract period of 3 years.

De Gea joined Manchester United in 2011 and has been the main goalkeeper for over 11 years. The number of games he played alone was 513. 스포츠토토 He is also showing off his unchanging presence this season by participating in 26 matches in all competitions.

However, his recent position is very uneasy. Although Manchester United have activated a one-year extension contract that can run until 2024, it seems that they are not willing to extend the contract. De Gea is getting older, his performance is declining, and his price is too high. There are only reports that Man United is looking for a new goalkeeper every day. Just looking at the faces of the candidates is very splendid. It can be seen that he is willing to change the starting goalkeeper right away.

But De Gea is not hiding his sincerity about staying at Manchester United. British media ‘The Sun’ reported that De Gea dreams of a secure future by signing an extended contract with Manchester United, and as a condition he wants a contract of at least three years. It is said that he will accept the reduction of his weekly wage for this contract to be fulfilled.

De Gea’s current share price is 375,000 pounds (approximately 570 million won), and it is known that his weekly wage must be reduced by more than 25% in order for the contract to take place.

De Gea recently said in an interview with ‘Sky Sports’: “I’m relaxed. I just focus on training and do the best I can. I want to stay at Manchester United for the rest of my life. It’s my club. I’ve been here a long time and it’s a great honor. It was. I am very happy here.”

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