KFA suspends Yonsei University coach for 6 months in ‘ball spinning’ case

The Korea Football Association (KFA) has handed down six-month suspensions to the head coaches of Yonsei University and Kyungpook National University, who caused controversy by playing insincere games such as turning the ball in their own half without intending to attack.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) held a fairness committee at the Football Hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on Feb. 2 and handed down six-month suspensions to the coaches of Yonsei University and Kyungpook National University for their unprofessional behavior in the quarterfinals of the 59th Spring University Football Championship Tongyeonggi held in February.

The two universities did not run the game normally in the fourth-place match of the Spring College Football League in February. Leading 1-0, 스포츠토토 Yonsei players spent more than 23 minutes in their own end of the field, passing and lifting the ball. The players of Kyungpook National University also showed no willingness to participate in the game as they watched their opponents.

In March of this year, the KFA held a penalty committee and imposed a one-match ban on the two schools.

However, the KFA’s decision today means that Yonsei head coach Choi Tae-ho and Kyungpook National University head coach Kwon Hyuk-chul will be banned from competitions for the next six months.

The committee also deliberated on the case of a Gimpo FC youth team player who took an extreme step in April last year, but failed to reach a conclusion. The association decided to convene another meeting a week later on April 9.

A-gun, a member of Gimpo’s youth team, made the extreme choice on April 27 last year in a dormitory in Gimpo. He left a five-page A4 suicide note on social media before his death. He wrote that he was tired of being verbally abused by coaches and other leaders and bullied by his teammates.

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