Korea Sports Promotion Organization receives ‘Excellent’ for second consecutive year in fund management evaluation

For the second consecutive year, the National Sports Foundation has received an ‘Excellent’ rating in the Fund Management Evaluation (Asset Management Division).

The Fund Management Evaluation 스포츠토토 (Asset Management Division) is a system organized by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance under the National Finance Act to evaluate the fund’s asset management performance, management system, and strategy.

In FY2022, a total of 31 funds were evaluated, and the National Sports Promotion Fund, operated by the KFDA, was recognized for its excellence in all areas of asset management system, policy, and execution.

In particular, the fund received an excellent evaluation for setting risk assessment indicators and preparing countermeasures to cope with unexpected economic shocks such as COVID-19 and changes in international politics when managing assets.

“This is the result of our efforts to quickly respond to unprecedented volatility risks in the financial markets, such as the prolonged Russia-Ukraine war and the impact of global inflation last year,” said Cho Hyun-jae, chairman of the board of directors of the National Sports Foundation. “We will continue to strive to establish a more efficient and stable asset management system.”

Meanwhile, nine funds managed by the KFDA, including the National Sports Promotion Fund (National Sports Promotion Account), the Public Service Pension Fund, and the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Development Fund, received excellent ratings.

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