Lee Chang-geun, the most ‘hot’ gatekeeper these days, humility, “I’m sorry I’ve lost a lot these days”

Hana Citizen Lee Chang-geun, who holds the last goal, is the hottest goalkeeper in the K-League these days. His amazing reflexes and iron-clad defensive skills keep him in the line of battle, raising his stock price. He was originally a player whose skills were recognized enough to rise and fall in the national team by age group, but it is safe to say that he is now in his heyday, standing in front of the goal in one match. Regardless of whether or not he concedes, Lee Chang-geun plays, but his portion in the defense is so large.

Recently, the stock price has increased even more after participating in the Coupang Play series against Atletico Madrid. After this match, he is often raised to the possibility of being promoted to the national team. Maybe he’ll get the best chance of his life. However, facing <Best Eleven>, Lee Chang-geun showed a cautious attitude. He bowed his head to the fans, saying that rather than whether or not he was promoted to the national team, he simply conceded a lot in the game. He showed a desire to really contribute to helping Daejeon Hana jump to the top by reorganizing again.

“I want to enjoy it after the season is over.”

Q. Congratulations on the 4-3 win against Seoul. How do you feel about the game?
“I scored three goals, but it’s still fortunate that the team won. That’s why we can definitely check what our team can improve and face the next Pohang Steelers match. Our team’s goal is to make fewer mistakes.”

Q. It was a game that I won, but I didn’t feel very good as a goalkeeper
. “To be honest, even when it was 4-2, I felt bad. The fans would have enjoyed the game, but I had a duty to protect the goal, but I didn’t think I did it right. It’s a pity. It’s an atmosphere where I can’t just enjoy it. But the team won and I get a little comfort.스포츠토토

Q. You made a lot of saves this year. Is it safe to say that you are now in the prime of your career?
“But there is something funny about this. I feel that the team did well by being in a good position or winning, but as it was in the match against Seoul this time, even if there are many saves, there are always many goals lost. So we draw games to win or lose games to draw. That’s why it’s too ambiguous for me to say that I’m good at it. I just have the mindset to help with the thought that I’ll persevere. I’m sorry I lost a lot today.”

Q. Still, isn’t the goalkeeper unable to avoid conceding?
“Of course it is. But you can’t be satisfied with that. I want to make sure the team can overcome it no matter how difficult it is. And I have that experience. I always try to have the mindset to prepare for a game with a lower attitude.”

Q. You showed good performance throughout the season, and after the match against AT Madrid, more attention was drawn to you
. I think I can, but I can’t afford it. I’m always worried that we don’t know what will happen. I want to enjoy it after the season. I really hope there are things I can enjoy then.”

Q. The national team is also paying attention.
“I heard you came today, but I wonder if you came by mistake (laughs). I tried not to pay attention, but even though I said I didn’t use it, I was honestly concerned. Anyway, I conceded a lot. I’m not satisfied with my play. Still, it’s good for me if you come and see me in the future. I can’t show myself through this one game, but I still want to do everything I can in the remaining games to be evaluated.”

Q. It is right before the split round. there is a lot to do
“If you concede a lot, you can never go to the top group. That’s why we have a lot of meetings with the players. We conceded a lot today, but we made up for it after the last match against Gwangju (0-3 loss). In the match against Pohang, more I think we have to meet and follow the manager’s instructions. For me, every match is the final.”

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