“Lee Kang-in informed ATM that ‘PL is coming'”…Spanish media reveal the whole story of ‘broken negotiations’

(By Kim Hyun-ki) Amid reports that Lee Kang-in’s negotiations to join Atletico Madrid in the Spanish La Liga have fallen through, a better offer from an English Premier League club has emerged and Lee’s side has chosen it.

“Lee Kang-in is not going to Atletico,” said Spanish newspaper ‘Relevo’ on Wednesday, which has been following the news of Mallorcan players such as Lee Kang-in. “Unless something suddenly happens, the Korean midfielder will not wear the red and white (stripes) of Atletico Madrid. Throughout this week, Lee will decide his future outside of Spain, far away from La Liga.”

Atletico Madrid had been the number one destination for Lee to leave Mallorca this summer.

Atletico Madrid have been linked with the player since last winter, and the fact that they will be traveling to South Korea for their preseason tour in July made them the favorite to land the player.

However, the negotiations between Mallorca and Atletico Madrid have become increasingly difficult due to the inclusion of one player in the deal. Mallorca wanted €10 million plus ownership of Atletico midfielder Rodrigo Riquelme, but Atletico didn’t like the idea of Riquelme.

In the end, the deal fell apart after a standoff between Mallorca and Atletico over the transfer of Riquelme’s ownership, according to the publication.

“In recent weeks, the two sides have continued negotiations but have not reached an agreement,” the outlet said, explaining that “Atletico were not convinced by Mallorca’s preference to include Riquelme in the deal.”

The simplest option would have been for Atletico to pay a cash ransom for Lee, which is believed to be around €20 million ($27 billion), but their financial difficulties prevented them from doing so.

Moreover, Mallorca realized that there were other clubs who wanted him, and they were not willing to lower their price or give up on Riquelme.

In the end, what Mallorca wanted, and what Lee wanted, was realized.

“The player has informed Atletico that 안전놀이터 he has a better offer, which seems to have come from the Premier League, as expected,” said Football de Mallorca on December 12, “We’ll have to wait and see, but it seems that Atletico will have to move quickly and make a better offer. “We’ll have to wait and see, but it looks like Atletico will have to move quickly and come up with a better offer, otherwise they could miss out on Lee,” the source added, backing up the report from Relevo.

“Mallorca will not be able to bring in Riquelme if the deal goes through, but they could free up a lot of money in the transfer market,” he added.

While some may see a move to the Premier League as a “second bite at the apple” for Mallorca and Atletico, it’s also possible that the player could end up at a Premier League club with superior financial resources. Lee’s search for a new team just got a lot more interesting.

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