NC Kwon Hee-dong, preemptive solo shot against great pitcher ‘Boom!’… Season 4

NC Dinos Kwon Hee-dong reported the 4th gun of the season at an important moment.

Kwon Hee-dong started as a fifth hitter and left fielder in the home game against the KIA Tigers in the 2023 professional baseball KBO League held at Changwon NC Park on the 27th.

Kwon Hee-dong’s bat returned fiercely in the bottom of the second inning when both teams were tied 0-0. As a lead batter, he pulled the low 125km slider on the side of opponent starting pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong’s 3rd pitch in a ball count, 1 ball, 1 strike and crossed the left wall.꽁머니사이트

This was Kwon Hee-dong’s season 4 gun. The flight distance was measured at 110m.

In particular, the reason Kwon Hee-dong’s home run is more valuable is that he hit it against Yang Hyeon-jong. Yang Hyeon-jong, who made his professional debut in 2007, is a ‘great pitcher’ who is writing 164 wins, 107 losses and an average ERA of 3.83 in 471 KBO league games (2251.2 innings) before the game that day.

In addition, Kwon Hee-dong gave strength to Eric Peddy, who started as NC’s starting pitcher that day with this home run. Peddy is the ace of the dinosaur corps, who is posting an average ERA of 1.87 with 13 wins and 2 losses in 16 games (96.1 innings) this season before this game.

Meanwhile, NC, which took the lead with Kwon Hee-dong’s home run, is currently leading 2-0 thanks to Park Se-hyuk’s one RBI and timely hit in the continued attack at the bottom of the second inning.

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