Last month, it was confirmed that the forward units and the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not inform the Capital Defense Command that the drone was heading for Seoul when the North Korean drone infiltrated the sky.

On the 26th of last month, 스포츠토토 when the North Korean UAV crossed the Military Demarcation Line, the 1st Corps, deployed in the front, recognized the infiltration of the UAV through surveillance assets and reported it to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The North Korean unmanned aerial vehicle went south to Seoul through the Han River basin between Gimpo and Paju, but it is said that the Joint Chiefs of Staff or the 1st Corps did not spread related information to the Capital Defense Command, which guards the metropolitan area and the no-fly zone ( P73 ).

Instead, it is said that the Capital Defense Command found out that the drone was approaching the Seoul no-fly zone through its own monitoring assets.

It is pointed out that if the Capital Defense Command had received the drone trend a little faster, it would have carried out related detection and preparation for shooting down earlier.

The military identified these problems in the war readiness inspection, which began on the 27th of last month, and is examining the exact propagation of information related to UAVs.