PSG’s Lee Kang-in, who flashes in the east and flashes in the west, is confirmed to play in AG, against UCL Dortmund on the 20th → to Hangzhou, China… ‘Extinguishes the forced march

Joining the Asian Games has finally been confirmed.

The Korea Football Association reported on the 15th, “We have completed discussions with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) regarding Lee Kang-in’s selection for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.” Lee Kang-in is scheduled to move to Hangzhou, China and join the national team after completing the first match against Borussia Dortmund in the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League (UCL) group stage scheduled for the 20th.소닉카지노

The question of whether Lee Kang-in will be selected for the Asian Games has attracted a lot of attention. Lee Kang-in is a player who can become the ‘core of the midfield’ by utilizing sharp kicks, passes, and brilliant dribbling. He is a player with clear skills that shows off his huge presence every time he plays for the A national team. He also played a big role in the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup held in November last year. Kang-in Lee, who was substituted in the second game of the group stage against Ghana at the time, also assisted Kyu-sung Cho’s goal with a sharp cross.

Naturally, he is expected to become an ace in the Asian Games national team, which is comprised of players under the age of 24. However, whether to join the competition was not quickly confirmed.

Local media also paid attention to whether Lee Kang-in would join. Italian reporter Fabrizio Romano, who is familiar with the transfer market, also commented, “PSG is expected to allow Lee Kang-in to join the Asian Games.” And eventually, joining was confirmed.

Director Hwang Seon-hong was able to take a breather. The key now is when to join. Lee Kang-in will move to Hangzhou as soon as the match against Dortmund scheduled for the 20th ends. Naturally, the national team will play the first match against Kuwait on the 19th without Lee Kang-in.

It is unclear whether Lee Kang-in will participate in the second match against Thailand. The match against Thailand is scheduled to be held on the 21st, and considering the travel time of Lee Kang-in, who joins from Paris, France, it is unclear whether he will be able to play normally. Ultimately, Lee Kang-in’s first appearance in the Asian Games is likely to be against Bahrain on the 24th. Lee Kang-in inevitably plans to take part in the forced march.

Meanwhile, the Korean Asian Games team, led by coach Hwang Seon-hong, is aiming for a third consecutive gold medal. Centered around Lee Kang-in, European players such as Hong Hyun-seok (KAA Ghent) and Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) will join. In addition, Eom Won-sang (Ulsan Hyundai), Ko Young-jun (Pohang Steelers), and Song Min-gyu (Jeonbuk Hyundai), who are very active in the K-League, will aim at the opponent’s goal. In addition, top K League players Baek Seung-ho, Park Jin-seop (Jeonbuk Hyundai), and Seol Young-woo (Ulsan Hyundai) join as wild cards to add strength. The national team will begin the competition starting with the game against Kuwait on the 19th.

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