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Continuing from the last time, this time I used idioms to explain what players need to know about soccer tactics. In the Korean dictionary, it is written that ‘heart and mind understand each other.’

Why does soccer need this idiom? Soccer is a game played by 11 players. Of course, it can be described as a war played on the playground, with the large playground distributed well by location, running, running, and incorporating tactics and techniques to follow the rules.

The goalkeeper is the only one who can use his hands, and no matter how good a player he is, he cannot do everything on his own in the opposition half. If there is a player passing, of course there must be a player receiving the pass. If there is a long kick, there must be a player who receives the ball, and if there is a cross from the side, there is naturally a player who wants to receive the ball and score a goal.

Most teams focus on players who are good at kicking the ball. When a player who is good at kicking the ball tells you to move and come out, you have to know how to use your heart and mind to really help the team and lead to a decisive victory.

Many players focus on the player with the ball, but really high-level players need to read the player receiving the ball and the player moving when their eyes meet.

The author expresses this as ‘the whole heart’.

In particular, what movements do center forwards and wingers make in the middle area? In what situations do you go and where do you go? If you know it well, you will overcome the opponent’s defense and score a goal. Therefore, the players share a room for each position and talk a lot, and through many conversations, they get to know each other’s personal tactics, such as where to send the ball when I do something.

What players communicate with each other on the playground is the look in their eyes. All actions involve putting the ball in when both eyes meet, and when both eyes meet, a goal or opportunity is created.

The past examples of Tottenham’s Son Heung-min and Harry Kane are like this. Even though they were far away, they knew each other’s movements, so they scored a lot of goals and became the players who scored the most goals together in the Premier League. Kane’s kicking ability was seen as he accurately connected the ball in front of Son Heung-min while he was running, and the scene where Kane accurately connected the ball even while falling is fantastic to watch again.소닉카지노

In this way, we emphasize once again that passing is not done by the intention of the player giving it, but that the movement of the receiving player takes priority, and we hope to remind players of the benefits of communication between players.

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