Samsung Lions loses 3 games in a row for the first time in the second half… Disaster caused by ‘3 consecutive bullpen days’

The Samsung Lions, who featured Won Tae-in, whom they trusted, ended up losing their first three games in a row in the second half due to the negative news of the starter leaving the mound early due to rain.

In the second game of a three-game weekend series against NC Dinos held at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 2nd, Samsung lost 1-5 after the game was restarted after being stopped due to rain for 88 minutes after the end of the second inning, collapsing from the third inning.

Samsung, who replaced Won Tae-in, whose shoulder had cooled off due to the rain, brought up Jae-ik Lee in the third inning when the game started again, gave up 2 points and suffered defeat due to failing to use the starting pitcher for 3 consecutive games.

Won Tae-in, who started as a starter, was unable to prevent the team’s losing streak due to the bad luck of being interrupted by rain in three consecutive starting games. Samsung, whose bullpen blocked the middle of the game without allowing any additional runs, made up for one run and continued to chase in the 7th inning, when Kim Tae-hoon, whom they trusted, gave up 2 more runs, including a home run, completely losing the momentum.

Samsung, whose batting lineup cooled down quickly during the following bullpen day, shows extreme imbalance by scoring 5 points, including scoreless games during the last 3 consecutive losses, while giving up 21 points.

On the 22nd of last month, Won Tae-in pitched a scoreless pitch until the second inning and left the mound after a long rainout, but the difference was that the bullpen showed strength at that time and the team won. On the 27th, Won Tae-in’s last appearance, the start of the game itself was postponed due to rain, but he took the mound smoothly and pitched 7 scoreless innings, earning a starting win.

Although the amount of rain was considerable, it was natural for Samsung and KBO, who had the burden of having to play 9 consecutive games, including next Monday’s game and a doubleheader, if the game was canceled due to rain, to push ahead with the game, which put pressure on Samsung as it was a bullpen day for 3 consecutive games. , which led to defeat.

Samsung, whose previous two games of the three-game series last week were canceled due to rain, started with the last game’s starting widener suddenly not being able to pitch due to illness, and in the first game against NC, Choi Chae-heung, who has not yet won a win since being discharged from the military, collapsed early in the game and played with the bullpen for two consecutive days. It was a situation where .

Samsung, who was in a situation where even the trusted Won Tae-in was unable to throw long shots, and the team’s bullpen was the team’s weak point for three consecutive games, suffered consecutive losses and also showed a slowdown in its upward trend in the second half of the season.

The two previous rain stoppages resulted in a team victory, but this time, with the team’s disappointment growing, Samsung fell into its first three-game losing streak in the second half of the season when it was on the rise.

For Samsung, whose starters’ decent performances were a reliable feature of the team, the team desperately needed to recover its starting lineup, and there was also a growing sense of crisis that if it failed to escape consecutive losses, its rankings could be reversed with 9th place Kiwoom and 10th place Hanwha.

Samsung, which cannot guarantee its superiority even in the battle for the lower tier, aims to escape the crisis by starting the team’s ace, Buchanan, and turn the tide ahead of the upcoming 7-game series.

Buchanan, who had raised concerns by complaining of symptoms of back pain before pitching in the last game, appeared to have recovered by pitching in on his twin sisters’ ceremonial first pitch and base hit before the game on the 2nd.안전놀이터

Buchanan, who has 8 wins, 6 losses and an earned run average of 2.91, is the team’s only two-run starter and is responsible for the most innings, having pitched more than 142 innings.

Buchanan, who takes the mound with the responsibility of winning the team and breaking the losing streak, showed a little weakness in the weekend game, and in particular, in the 2 o’clock game in which he appeared four times, he recorded only two losses without a win.

The final match of the weekend’s three-game series against NC will be held at 2 o’clock on the first Sunday of September.

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