“Sonkekool” → “Sonkekang” Is it possible? Tottenham’s new manager distrusts the existing FW…”You can be Kang Sung-jin’s successor

(Exports News Reporter Lee Hyun-seok) In the aftermath of Tottenham’s new coach, Engie Postecoglou, there is a possibility that Tottenham will form an offensive team as a star representing Korea and a next-generation prospect.

Tottenham announced the appointment of Postecoglou on its official website on the 6th, signaling a new start with a new coach next season.

Postecoglou, who achieved a treble at Celtic, also moved to Tottenham, facing a new turning point in his managerial career that has only been on the periphery of Asia and Europe.

With the appointment of a new coach, Tottenham also began to see a wind of change. Ahead of the summer transfer market, news of which players coach Postecoglou will send out and recruit has steadily appeared in the UK.

In particular, the possibility of Harry Kane’s departure, as well as the possibility of recruiting Furuhashi Kyogo, is raised for the attackers, and the possibility of a large number of members being reorganized is likely. British media 90min reported on the 14th that “Coach Postecoglou is not very confident in Dejan Kulusevsky,” adding that Kulusevsky could be replaced after Kane.

In the meantime, the prospect that coach 스포츠토토 Postecoglou, who was not sure of Kulusevsky, who was in charge of Tottenham’s offense, could replace him as the next-generation prospect of Korea, excited Korean soccer fans.

British media Football Fancast reported on the 14th that “Kang Sung-jin can replace Kulusevsky.”

Kang Sung-jin is one of the top prospects representing the K League, which debuted in the first division of FC Seoul at the age of 17 years, 11 months, and 12 days in the K League 1 match against Seongnam in March 2021, when he was born in 2003 and attending Osan High School.

Already, he has been given many opportunities for the team, playing 24 starts in the last 2022 season.

He played only two K-League 1 games this season, but he did not have many chances to play due to his participation in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Under-20 (U-20) and the FIFA U-20 World Cup in March. However, he played well in the U-20 World Cup except for the match against Italy.

The Football Fancast said, “Postecoglou must address Kulusevsky’s future. It is not yet known if he will remain next season. However, Kulusevsky was sluggish last season, scoring only two points in the league, and Postecoglou can find new options,” he said, referring to the possibility of Kulusevsky’s replacement.

Kang Sung-jin is a star of FC Seoul, where Tottenham will compete with Celtic for recruitment. He is an interesting talent who can replace Kulusevsky. He could be Kulusevsky’s successor on the right flank, and he was praised by several media outlets. Some made him a ‘human resource to pay attention to,’ he said, adding Kang Sung-jin’s performance.

Regarding recruiting Kang Sung-jin, the media said, “It may be a kind of gamble, but it may be that manager Postecoglou holds a jewel in his hand. Therefore, Tottenham can change its transfer plan by trusting Kang Sung-jin instead of paying Kulusevsky’s transfer fee,” he said, evaluating that Kang Sung-jin can grow into a star enough.

However, in the case of Kang Sung-jin, it is expected that it will be difficult to issue a work permit (labor permit) necessary to join the Premier League club because he has no record of participating in the national team A match.

Following the news of the transfer of Korean national players such as Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in, Kang Sung-jin, who showed excellent performance in the U-20 national team, is likely to work with Son Heung-min as a substitute for Kulusevsky.

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