The king of walks and wild fights Cy Young? I’ve never had a pitcher like this before… FA looks great too

The pitcher who committed the most walks and wild throws surpasses Cy Young. Left-handed pitcher Blake Snell (31), a San Diego Padres teammate of Kim Ha-sung, is taking on an unusual challenge. 

Snell started an away game against the St. Louis Cardinals on the 29th (Korean time), and led San Diego to a 4-1 victory with a good pitching of 7 innings, 2 hits, 5 walks, 9 strikeouts and no runs. With his 11th win (9 losses) of the season, he lowered his ERA from 2.73 to 2.60. 

The results were good, but the process was uneasy. He accumulated runners with consecutive walks after one out in the first inning, and a scoring crisis continued in the third inning with a wild throw from one out and first base. In the 4th inning, he brought himself into a crisis with one out and full base with a wild throw and continuous walks at first base. He pitched scoreless with his crisis management ability, but his pitches were not clean with 5 walks and 2 wide throws. 

Up to this day, Snell has pitched 149 innings in 27 games this season, recording an 11-9 record with a 2.60 ERA, 193 strikeouts, and a 1.92 ERA. National League (NL) 1st place in average ERA, ERA, 2nd place in strikeouts, 7th place in most wins, Jack Gallon (Arizona Diamondbacks) and Spencer Strider (Atlanta Braves) emerged as candidates for the Cy Young Award. In Tom Tango Cy Young points, which predict Cy Young, Snell is ahead of Strider (56.3) and Gallon (54.9) with 61.8 points. 

Snell, a left-handed fireballer who spews a power curve with a four-seam fastball that averages 95.4 miles (153.5 km), has a chronic weakness in control. He has 85 walks and 12 wild throws, the most of both leagues this year. The walks per 9 innings are also 5.1, which is the second most since his days as a poet in 2016 (5.2) in his personal career over 8 seasons. 

He continues to send out runners with walks, but he is holding back runs by striking out 11.7 per 9 innings. The hit rate in scoring range is only 10.6 0.7 li. The remaining base rate, in which runners sent out on base are not linked to runs, is also ranked first overall (85.7%), showing off its ability to manage crises. 

So far, there are two pitchers who have received the Cy Young Award for giving the most walks in the major leagues. In the past, Bob Turley of the New York Yankees in 1958 and Early Win of the Chicago White Sox in 1959 had 4.7 and 4.2 walks per 9 innings, respectively. Snell outperforms both pitchers with 5.1 this season. There was no pitcher who received the Cy Young Award while recording the most walks and wild throws. It’s like Snell challenging his first record. 카지노사이트

‘’ said, ‘Snell has the highest ERA and the most walks allowed. As it stands, Snell could make amazing history. There was no pitcher who ranked first in both ERA and walks in one season. ‘Snell, who received the 2018 American League (AL) Cy Young Award, is Gaylord Perry, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, Roy Halladay, and Max Scherzerman. They are standing in line to be named on the special list of Cy Young Award winners in both major leagues.” 

Snell, who moved the league following his Tampa Bay days in 2018 and got closer to the second Cy Young Award, said, “The Cy Young Award is meaningful only when the team wins. I won’t think about Cy Young until the end of the season. Now, the goal is to win with the best pitching possible and lead the team to the postseason,” he said, emphasizing the remaining hopes of fall baseball in San Diego. 

Snell also gets free agent status at the end of this season. The five-year, $50 million extension contract signed with Tampa Bay in March 2019 comes to an end. After his contract, he became an ordinary pitcher and was traded to San Diego in 2021, but he is raising the value of free agency by announcing his revival this year. He is still 31 years old, and he is young enough to expect a big contract.

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