“We have Messi.” Pride and motivation, that name is Messi

A player who makes his team members feel good just by being there. That’s Captain Lionel Messi.

Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni and defender Nicolas Tagliafico attended a press conference before the 2022 Qatar World Cup semi-final held at the Qatar National Convention Center Main Media Center in Doha, Qatar on the 12th and expressed their determination to play.

Argentina will clash with Croatia at the Lusail Stadium at 10:00 pm local time on the 13th (4:00 am on the 14th Korean time) to advance to the final.

For Argentina, this match is more important than ever. This is because Messi’s football life is at stake. Messi has yet to win the World Cup. As a soccer player, he won 스포츠토토 several competitions, including the professional league, the UEFA Champions League, and the FIFA Club World Cup, and won seven Ballon d’Or, but failed to lift the World Cup trophy, the highest title. If Argentina beat Croatia to reach the final, Messi will have a long-cherished chance at his final World Cup.

Whether Messi wins or not has a big impact on his teammates. Messi is the pride and motivation of his team. If Messi doesn’t win, his Argentinian teammates may have to live with that mental burden for the rest of their lives.

Tagliafico said: “Messi is our captain and leader. he pushes us He is motivated. He gives us a special advantage on the pitch. We know we have Messi. We are happy to be able to support him. He will do his best to make his dream come true with Messi.” It is a remark that gives a glimpse of how much influence one Messi has on the team.

Director Scaloni’s thoughts are no different. “Messi has always been a winner. Messi is eager to win. We will find out tomorrow if Messi can keep playing in the World Cup. We need to help him keep running. It’s the most important thing we can do. It is important not only for us but also for world football,” he said, emphasizing that all team members must work together to help Messi win the championship. Even for Scaloni, whether or not Messi wins is a very important issue.

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