Kim Gwang-hyeon (35‧ SSG) is an ace among aces who has been at the highest level in the KBO League since right after his debut. He has built a decent career, holds the record for the highest contract ever for a pitcher, and returned with relatively successful results in the major leagues.

But even Kim Gwang-hyun had a ‘complex’ that he couldn’t talk about. “Kwang-hyun Kim only has a fastball, a slider, and two pitches,” was the devaluation gaze of the people around him. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “How to say, I had a bit of a complex. ‘You’re not a player with good control and a swing ball. You’ve heard a lot of stories saying, ‘You’re a fastball, slider, and two-pitch pitcher.’ I had my own complex,” he confessed honestly.

It was possible to dominate the KBO League with just the fastball and slider. However, batters who have become accustomed to Kim Gwang-hyeon’s ball now have that combination in their heads and relentlessly run after it. Kim Gwang-hyun also thought that he had to change. After his debut, he started mixing curves that he hadn’t thrown much in a while. Before and after his elbow surgery, Kim’s repertoire was gradually expanding. It was the beginning of ‘Kim Gwang-hyun 2.0’.

Kim Kwang-hyun said, “I threw the slider gently, so it became a curve. In fact, these days, I think it’s a little difficult unless you have a good pitch when 토토사이트 you throw only fast balls. It’s done,” he recalled the past. Major League scouts also did not see Kim Kwang-hyun as a ‘two-pitch’ pitcher anymore,

His experiences in the United States were also valuable. If I had stayed in Korea, I might not have paid as much attention to other types of pitches because I could still succeed with ‘two pitches’. But America was different. Kim Gwang-hyun laughed, “I was greedy for speed. But in the US, there were many players who were faster than me even if I threw with the wrong hand.” He looked back on the past two years, saying, “I got better as I focused on that part.

In fact, it is evaluated that the perfection of Kim Gwang-hyun’s breaking ball has improved through the United States. In Korea, he was a power pitcher, but in the United States, his breaking ball and control pitch received higher scores. For two years, Kim Gwang-hyun’s walks per 9 innings was 3.2, much better than at the beginning of his KBO league career. It was an opportunity for Kim Gwang-hyun to find his own confidence in a new path.

I made ‘Kim Gwang-Hyun 2.0’ unintentionally after worrying and worrying repeatedly. And as I went along, I entered the beginning of ‘Kim Kwang-Hyun 3.0’ again. He used to be a player who throws and checks the speed recorded on the electronic board. But now he realized empirically that redemption is not everything. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “Speed ​​is not important. In the Korean series, I was in such good condition at the timing that I should have avoided it, so I got a hit. I should have adjusted these parts well, but it was not enough in the series.” I think I will get better results,” he smiled.

It is the time when you have found confidence in your breaking ball and control ball, and learn how to use that new weapon. Kim Gwang-hyun also said, “Overcoming the two-pitch complex is a really big harvest this year. I showed other teams and fans that ‘a pitcher named Kim Gwang-hyun throws like this'” and calmly looked back, saying, “Next year, if you have strength, stick with it. If I think my strength is a little low, I will compete with a breaking ball. If I become a player who can do it according to the situation, I think I can grow one step further.”

He showed confidence in the condition of his arm, and he can camp normally this year. Kim Gwang-hyun is also confident that his restraint can rise further. If the word that symbolizes Kim Gwang-hyun was ‘strength’, he wants a pitch that can be used freely up to ‘technique’ while maintaining it. When that is completed, Kim Gwang-hyun can become another pitcher. As seen in this year’s ERA (2.13), the start of ‘perfect Kim Gwang-hyun’ can be from now. That’s why age isn’t too much of a concern.